Decorative Painting – Diary of a MacKenzie – Childs Library Table

Day three….. 

 I  am making progress. I never imagined, that I would have such a long road ahead of me. I am refusing to use any tape, painting each and every element free hand.  The trademark, the white and black checker board, is tricky and requires a lot of practice. I am getting better; however, I still need lots of practice.

Now I realize that the price tags on these wares are well worth it; after all, it’s very intricate work.  Each of the fun elements are painted free hand, letting the brush doing all the work. Handling the brush is the most important part… it takes a lot….. I mean a lot of practice. One piece just will not give me enough practice. So, I decided to do another piece when this table is done.

In the meantime I am working  on a commissioned  master bedroom and I will have to take it easy, because I  am extremely tired and exhausted when I come home from faux finishing this monster of a room. But my good friend, Aleve, is helping out a lot. 

Until next time, happy painting


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