Decorative Painting – Diary of a MacKenzie – Childs Library Table

Day 2 – Today I went and bought BM exterior, flat acrylic paint. This paint is wonderful to work with on murals and furniture. $210.00 later,I went home, and painted the table with three coats of black. Don’t forget to lightly sand in between. Yeah, I know we are excited and want to omit some steps to get faster through with our goal. But, no cheating here!!! We all know that this will be a tedious undertaking.

After base coating, I actually started to work on some of the components. I was just going to do one table leg at a time, but decided differently. Here is what I did; so far….

It looks better already

You see I have a tough job ahead of me. Wondering what I am doing next.

Until then take care of yourselves,


  1. Looking good. I did a very similar table last year. It was one of my all time favorite pieces!

  2. Thanks Chrissie, I think I won’t let go of that piece. Intricate work, you have to have a very steady hand. These exterior paints work great. Great tip I got from a world renowned Muralist.

    Thanks for commenting!


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