What’s up with this blog??????

Not too much…. Obviously
It’s taking a me huge amount of time teaching classes,  re-vamp a boring  and  not so user-friendly  website, promote  an awesome up-coming  Trompe l’oeil class, keep my designs up-dated, continue to educate myself, research new trends, and figure out what must be done next. In addition, carving out a few moments for a “Life” I don’t  have. (Not able do this one as of yet)
I have a lot to say (many of you know) . As a typical ADD artist my brain harbors thousands of ideas but time is unwilling to let my creative juices flow freely. I am trying to change the craziness in my life, and be a better blogger, so you’ll love to visit and come back often. Listen closely. You’ll and learn some things from this “ADD” afflicted artist. 

Take care of yourself and be safe.

Let me know how I am doing? And a warm thank you for hanging with me.

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